First Citizens Bank Routing Number: Latest Updated 2023

At First Citizens Bank, customers are available with a routing number used for various purposes. Having the correct routing number is not only crucial for processing payments, but it is also essential for financial security. 

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the First Citizens Bank routing number and explain how you can use it. We will also cover finding your routing numbers as well as distinguishing between ABA and ACH.

Whether you are an existing First Citizens Bank customer or looking to open an account, this article will provide you with the information you need to understand and make the best use of your routing number.

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What Is the First Citizens Bank routing number?

The First Citizens routing number is a 9-digit code used to identify the specific financial institution when making electronic transfers of funds. 

This number is also an ABA (American Bankers Association) used for domestic transfers in the US. It is necessary to provide the routing number when making direct deposits, transfers, and bill payments. 

The FCB routing number is a 9-digit code
The FCB routing number is a 9-digit code

The routing number for First Citizens Bank for all wire transfers is 053100300. Below is the routing number for First Citizens Bank by state:

State Routing Number
Arizona 122187335
California 122037760
Colorado 102089644
Florida 067092022
Georgia 061191848
Illinois 275071288
Kansas 101089823
Maryland 055003463
Michigan 275071288
Minnesota 275071288
Missouri 101089810
New Jersey 053100300
New Mexico 107089652
North Carolina 053100300
Oklahoma 103089834
Oregon 123084958
South Carolina 053906041
Tennessee 064008970
Texas 114993906
Virginia 051401836
Washington 125107671
West Virginia 051503174
Wisconsin 275071288

It is also essential to ensure that other financial information, such as the account number, account type, and name, are correctly entered to ensure that the funds are deposited and transferred to the correct account.

How can I find my First Citizens Bank routing number?

If you are looking to find your First Citizens Bank routing number, there are many ways to do it.

Contact your local bank branch

The best thing to do is to contact your First Citizens Bank customer service of local branch. The bank representatives will be able to provide you with your routing number and any other information you may need.

Check on your check

You can also find your routing number on your paper checks. The routing number appears at the bottom of the check and is typically nine digits long. 

Log in to Digital Banking

Furthermore, you can use the First Citizens Bank website to look up your routing number. 

Step 1: Log in to your account, select the “Details” tab and then select the “Click Here” link under “Routing and Account Numbers.” 

Step 2: Your routing number will appear on the next page. 

Search on the Internet

You can find your routing number online by searching for your bank name’s routing number.

Search on the Internet to find it
Search on the Internet to find it

You can use a search parameter on the ABA’s website to find the bank’s routing number. In addition, you may look up a bank’s routing number on their site by providing the bank’s name and location.

Can First citizens banks have multiple routing numbers?

Yes, First Citizens Bank can have multiple routing numbers. Some First Citizens Banks may have multiple routing numbers depending on the region and location. 

This is because each routing number is associated with a particular area, and using multiple routing numbers allows First Citizens Bank to facilitate transactions for different markets and customers. 

Additionally, routing numbers may change from time to time, depending on the bank’s needs. Customers need to use the correct routing number when making a transaction, as this will ensure that their payment is processed correctly.

If customers are still determining which routing number to use, they should contact their local First Citizens Bank branch for assistance.

What’s the Difference Between ABA and ACH Routing Numbers?

ABA and ACH routing numbers are numerical identifiers used to route financial transactions in the United States. 

While they are both used to identify banks and financial institutions, the two numbers have different purposes. 

  • ABA routing numbers, also known as routing transit numbers, were designed by the American Bankers Association (ABA) to facilitate the processing of paper checks. 
  • ACH routing numbers are available by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) for electronic payments such as direct deposits, preauthorized payments, and bill payments.

When Is a Routing Number Used?

A routing number is essential to identify a specific financial institution to facilitate money transfers.

You can use this number for money transfer
You can use this number for money transfer

Routing numbers are acceptable for a variety of money transfer activities, including:

  • Direct deposits, electronic payments, and wire transfers
  • Payment documents include checks, electronic funds transfers, and automated clearing house payments. 

Banks tend to assign different routing numbers for different types of transactions. So it is vital to ensure that you use the correct routing number when transferring money to and from a specific financial institution.


In conclusion, understanding your First Citizens Bank routing number can be helpful in various situations. Knowing your routing number can help you make more informed decisions when setting up and managing your accounts and sending and receiving payments.

It is important to remember that the routing number for First Citizens Bank will depend on the state in which your account is, so make sure you are using the correct number when making transactions.

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