Here’s Your Citizens Bank Routing Number

Understanding the importance of a routing number is essential for anyone who uses banking services. 

If you’re a customer of Citizens Bank, you’ll need to know your routing number. 

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about the Citizens Bank routing number, so you can confidently make banking transactions. 

We’ll discuss a routing number, the types of routing numbers associated with Citizens Bank, and the process of finding your bank’s routing number. 

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to quickly and easily make all of your banking transactions with ease. 

So keep reading to learn more about your Citizens Bank routing number!

What Is The Citizens Bank Routing Number?

As we know, Citizens Bank routing number is known as a 9-digit code used to identify the specific financial institution in a transaction

It is also known as the ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number or the RTN (Routing Transit Number).

Routing number is a 9-digit code
Routing number is a 9-digit code

The correct routing number is essential to ensure that your payment reaches the right bank or institution.

Here are the Citizens Bank routing numbers by State:

State Routing Number for Citizens Bank For Wire Transfer
Connecticut 211170114 11500120
Delaware 31101143 31101143
Massachusetts 211070175 11500120
Michigan 241070417 241070417
New Hampshire 11401533 11500120
New Jersey 36076150 36076150
New York 21313103 21313103
Ohio 241070417 241070417
Pennsylvania 36076150 36076150
Rhode Island 11500120 11500120
Vermont 21313103 21313103

Citizens Bank Routing Number For ACH Transfer

Citizens Bank customers can initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers by providing the bank’s routing number.

ACH transfers are an efficient and cost-effective way to transfer funds between accounts, allowing for secure and reliable transactions.

Initiate ACH by routing number
Initiate ACH by routing number

Citizens Bank’s routing number for ACH transfers is 211170114.

It is important to note that routing numbers are specific to an individual bank, so customers should double-check the routing number before initiating a transfer.

Customers who are unsure of their routing number can contact their local Citizens Bank branch or online banking representative for clarification.

How To Find Your Citizens Bank Routing Number?

Finding your Citizens Bank routing number can be a simple process that requires just a few steps. 

Step 1: You can check your Citizens Bank check or call the Citizens Bank customer service and logging Citizens Bank online

  • You will find a series of nine digits on the bottom left corner of your bill. This is your Citizens Bank routing number. 
Check on your check
Check on your check
  • You can also log into your online banking account and find the routing number in the Profile section.
  • You can also call the phone number for Citizens Bank, and they will provide you with your routing number. 

Step 2: if you have a physical Citizens Bank bank statement, you will also find the routing number printed on the invoice.

When Do You Need Citizens Bank Routing Number?

You need a Citizens Bank routing number when making a payment or initiating a financial transaction.

The routing number is a nine-digit code that acts as an identification code for a financial institution. 

You need a Citizens Bank routing number when you:

  • Process transfers and deposits between different banks.
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Make an electronic transfer from one account to another
  • Receive a wire transfer
  • Create automatic payments for loans or bills
  • Make any of these types of payments
  • Information about Citizens Bank Credit Card
  • And more!

Citizens Bank Routing Number Vs Account Number

Citizens Bank routing and account numbers are essential information for anyone conducting a financial transaction using the bank as an intermediary.

Routing Number 

  • A routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify the bank and account of the person sending or receiving funds. 
  • Each Citizens Bank routing number is unique to a specific region and used when transferring money between banks, such as when setting up direct deposit or making automatic bill payments. 

Account Number

  • The Citizens Bank number, on the other hand, is the number that identifies a customer’s specific account with the bank.
  • You can use this number to transfer money to Citizens Bank or to pay bills with a check. 
  • Account numbers link to routing numbers for processing transactions. 
  • The eight to twelve-digit account number identifies your account within a particular financial institution.
  • Your number for Citizens Bank is as unique to you as your Social Security number or ATM PIN. Therefore, you must keep it secure.

How to Manage Your Citizens Bank Routing Numbers

Managing your Citizens Bank routing numbers is vital to keeping your financial information safe and secure. 

With the proper care and attention, you can ensure your routing numbers remain secure and confidential.

Keep your routing numbers remain secure and confidential
Keep your routing numbers remain secure and confidential

Here are some valuable tips on how to manage your routing numbers:

Make Sure You Have the Most Up-to-date Information

  • It is vital to keep your routing number information up-to-date to ensure financial security.
  • Regularly review your bank statement and make sure your routing numbers are accurate.
  • Call Citizens Bank phone number directly if there are any changes to your account or if you need to update your information.

Protect Your Routing Numbers

  • You must safeguard your routing numbers and keep them confidential.
  • Do not share them with anyone else, even if they claim to be from Citizens Bank or another financial institution.

Store Your Routing Numbers in a Secure Location

  • This may be in a physical safe or online, but ensure that the storage system is secure and that only you have access to the information.
  • Review your account activity regularly to ensure that all transactions are legitimate.

Which Citizens Bank Routing Number Should You Use?

When sending or receiving payments, it is essential to know your bank’s routing number. 

Citizens Bank has multiple routing numbers depending on the type of account you have and the region where the account is.

Knowing which routing number to use can be confusing, so it is essential to understand the differences between each routing number to ensure that your payments are sent and received securely and quickly.

The routing numbers for Citizens Bank vary depending on your account type. 

Generally, the routing number for Citizens Bank checking accounts is 211170114, while the routing number for savings accounts is 211170112. 

If you have a loan with Citizens Bank, the routing number you should use is 211170120.


To sum up, the Citizens Bank routing number enables customers to transfer money securely online and receive payments from other banks.

It is an essential piece of information that customers should keep in mind when using any of Citizens Bank’s services. 

To locate your Citizens Bank routing number, check your checks, call your local Citizens Bank branch, or look up your number online.

Knowing your routing number will help ensure that your transactions are processed quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for reading this post!